Dedicated to all people I met:

Buenos Aires: Thank you Gonzales and Enrique for hosting me. Ashley for sharing good moments. Friends of Enrique for the Asado. Magdalena for teaching Spanish. Gabriel, Maryann and Stjepan for showing around.

Daniel y Luis for the Mate and sharing your thoughts (Ushuaia),
Stefan for all the tips, especially food tips (Tolhuin),
Juan for taking me to the supermarket, keep on making music , you made my day (Rio Grande),
4 Chilenians for the company, I like the way you travel (somewhere in the pampa),
French couple on bikes for your thoughts about the wind “That’s life, you are young!” (somewhere in the pampa),
three workers Jardin Frutillas for inviting me to their house and sharing coffee(Cameron),
David for sharing the suffer against the wind, you are a wonderful mate (somewhere in the pampa),
Sebastian for showing up with Etophian coffee, you made our day (somerwhere in the pampa),
Roberto for the help (Porvenir)
Dave for nice and tough days of riding together (Punta Arenas)
Tack sa mycket Emil and Johanna for the wonderful/windy/muddy days we spent together (Punta Arenas/El Chalten-O’Higgins)
Lisa and Lothar for meeting up (Torres del Paine)
Unknown lady for sharing her selfmade bread (Rio Bote)
Flores and her casa del ciclista (El Chalten)
Arnold for the barbecues (Gob. Gregores/Cochrane)
All the cyclists in Coyhaique
Gracias Una Velocidad para los repuestos (Coyhaique)
Thomas for hosting me (Malarque)
Local police for the asado (Cachi)
Local police for the shelter (Las Pommes y San Antonio d. los Cobres)
Borderstation for the shelter and medizin (Paso Sico)
Mina El Laco for the shelter (Paso Sico)
Warmshower Carlos (San Pedro de Atacama)
Casa de Ciclista and all the cyclists (La Paz)
Christian und Sabine (La Paz – Vilcashuaman)
Casa de Ciclista (Quito, Tumbaco)

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