Chau Buenos Aires

Two and a half weeks in Buenos Aires…Great Time! It is a city where it’s definitely worth to stay for a longer time. Everyday I discovered new things on my way to the Spanish class. After I am reasonably able to get off at the right bus stop, I am already leaving Buenos Aires. Taking a bus is not that easy here, because there are no specifically signed bus stops or announcements. If you enter the bus, you need to say the bus stop where you want to get off. The bus doesn’t stop as long as you don’t push the stop button.
if you don’t know exactly where your bus stop is, you just need to be lucky ;-)
Meanwhile I know a few scraps of Spanish and I am able to have a simple conversation about daily life. The nice conversation with the taxi driver on the way to the airport got me confident. After I had changed the couchsurfing host last week, we were three persons this week. My host Enrique, Ashley (also a couchsurfer) and me. The pool on the rooftop got intensively used by us. On Friday, so to say as goodbye, we had Asado (Argentina meet) with Enrique and a few friends of him. Now I am suprised, if my bike is still in a good condition in Ushuaia. I planned to stay a few days around Ushuaia to explore the National Park.

Hasta pronto!

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