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Race to Mendoza

Race to Mendoza
05.04 – 16.04
San Martin de los Andes – Mendoza

Due to the fact that I wanted to meet up with Lisa in Mendoza, I had 12 days for 1200k. Big parts from San Martin de los Andes to Mendoza are quiet boring, especially the last part, so only 12 days was fine for me. One day after we cycled on from San Martin de los Andes,  (Gary and me) where riding on our own speed and separated again. I had some pretty long and tought cycling days, with nothing to distract me from pushing the bike. Of course I had in mind that at some point I might get a hitch, if I don’t want to go crazy with kilometers per day. And yeah I got a hitch on day before Chos Malal and in Malarque. That saved me from beeing riding ridiculous straigt roads and “boring” parts. There are not boring its more a meditiation, but if you wanna reach Mendoza and try to push the bike hard, they are not the best roads! As soon as I was in Tununyan I figured out that I had plenty of days left, so I took a detour to Manazano Historico and rode to Ps. Argentino (4300m). One of the pest part of my riding so far. This pass is just fantastic! Pictures of my “Race to Mendoza” can be seen in the following posts.

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Gerade frisch aus dem Polizeiauto gereicht bekommen. Merci.

Race to Mendoza Part 1