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Vilcashuaman – Huancavelica

Riding solo again felt so strange after a couple of weeks with lovely company. But hey this is part of the adventure! I was recovered eventhough my stomage continued to fool me. The following days, consisted off the most beautiful dirt roads I ever rode. Endless ascents followed by logicaly endless decents. Riding in really remote areas had the benefit of zero traffic and extremly kind locals. With the roadbook from Andesbybike I never felt lost with the endless options of dirt roads, mine roads and animal paths to choose. It was also a great help for finding food and water along the way. I reached Parras which was two long riding days away from Vilcashuaman in the late moment of sunset. In this region it gets chilly at the same moment as the sun is gone. After one hour or so, searching the responsible person for the municipal hostal, I found him totaly drunk on a nearby wedding. Finally convincing him to hand over key for the room I went off.

No machines needed.

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